Jenilee Wirtz

Soldier & Loyal Dog Make Final Journey Together

In Animals, Inspirational Quotes, Interesting Photos on March 10, 2011 at 10:17 pm

A true story of the bond between man & his best friend.

The body of a British soldier shot dead in Afghanistan was being flown home Thursday – alongside the loyal dog who died of a seizure after his master was killed.

Lance Cpl. Liam Tasker, a dog handler with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, was killed in a firefight with insurgents in Helmand Province last week. Theo, his bomb-sniffing springer spaniel, suffered a fatal seizure hours later at a British army base.

The 26-year-old soldier and the dog had been in Afghanistan for six months, uncovering roadside bombs. In February, the defense ministry announced that Theo had been so successful – finding 14 hidden bombs – that his tour of duty had been extended by a month.

Please keep Lance Cpl. Liam Tasker’s family in your thoughts and prayers.  May Theo and Lance rest in peace.

Read the full article from Eye Witness News 3 here


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