Jenilee Wirtz

Promote Your Business with Social Media!

In Community Events on December 9, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Carolyn Dionne of TeamPrimary and I will be hosting a social media seminar on Wednesday, December 15 from 2-4 PM at their office in Manchester, CT.

What to expect:

Get ready to socialize!  The purpose of this class is to educate business owners and those in business for themselves how to further promote their brand.  Yellowpages are dead, get where your customer is!  ONLINE!

  • You will learn the ins & outs of “social media”: understanding how you can use the different social networking sites to help your business.  We will break into groups to make sure we’re going at a pace that everyone is comfortable.
  • If you do not apply even a fraction of what we teach you, you will simply have become more familiar with some of the social media terms and will be able to understand some of the e-marketing language that is out there.
  • Even if you sat there with your eyes closed and ears covered the entire time while we discussed e-marketing and growing your business, you will have been provided a wonderful networking opportunity.  Professionals from various industries will be in attendance; come join in on the fun!

What to Bring:

  • Laptop computer
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Your usernames & passwords
  • A picture of yourself saved somewhere

Not sure I’m qualified?  Check this out.  My marketing experience at my internship in college with Paradiso Insurance was incredible!

  1. Great opportunity to learn from the best! Don’t miss out!

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