Jenilee Wirtz

A Taste of Connecticut?

In Yummmm...Food! on December 8, 2010 at 11:05 pm

Today, MSN ran an article on “giving” a taste of home.  For each of the states, MSN selected a food item that to gift that would give the recipient a “taste” of their home state.

Whether you’re shopping for cookbooks, gift baskets, sweets, or sauces, chances are one of the 50 states has something for you.

The post:


Copps Island & Cedar Point Oysters
Give the gift of Connecticut’s State Shellfish: the oyster. Norm Bloom & Sons will ship (via Next Day Federal Express) fresh oysters caught daily from the New England Sound. And if you prefer clams or lobsters, they ship them too! (, $15/dozen)

While I love oysters, I would not consider Oysters to be a “Taste of Connecticut.”  Apple cider, egg nog, maybe apple pie?  I get it, the oysters are local…but I still wouldn’t consider them a signature “Connecticut” food item.

I want to know!  Which food item do you think would be a good “Taste of Connecticut” gift?

  1. Connecticut is Apple Pie!

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