Jenilee Wirtz

Crayons for Cancer

In Charity, Community Events, Holiday on December 7, 2010 at 2:08 am

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Emily, the little hero who started Crayons for Cancer at six years old!

Help spread the word about this wonderful organization!

Who they support:

Crayons for Cancer is a charity that raises money to help ease the financial burdens of families whose children are currently suffering from the devastating effects of cancer.Crayons for Cancer helps

How they do it:

Crayons for Cancer collects old, broken crayons from families, classrooms, and restaurants.  The crayons are then peeled (at Crayon Peeling Parties), placed into molds, and melted down into fun shapes.

What’s the end result?   BIG, colorful crayons shaped as animals, flowers, legos, hearts, stars, insects, and etc.  The Crayons are sold for $1.00 at different locations all over the state.

How you can help:

  • Donate your old crayons!  I will come pick up your broken old Crayolas for Crayons for Cancer!  Feel free to email me at for more information.
  • Look into hosting a Crayon Peeling Party in your community today…a great idea for Community Service!
  • Help their cause today!


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